SINGING KITES is a grass roots aid organization, which was founded by Lyn Hotchin in 2007 to provide assistance and support to help a specific remote, rural community in Cambodia move out of the cycle of poverty. To give a hand up to people in Tanop Village and the wider community and help these communities move forward and work towards sustainable futures.

Our organization consists of a team of like-minded people, who believe that we can contribute something of worth, to show vulnerable people that we care.

Life is a day-to-day struggle for these families. Education is a luxury most cannot afford.

The standard of living is very poor. With no running water, sanitation, and proximity to medical facilities, the villagers have few opportunities to improve the quality of life they have. Many families have traded their land, their livelihood.............. to pay for medical attention, or to feed their family members.

We are against handouts, as that action erodes pride and dignity. But it is important to walk beside these people and give a hand up wherever it is needed.

Our current projects are those initiatives, which are involved in offering free education to over 1700 children including:

  • English language classes
  • An Art program
  • A Traditional Music program
  • A Computer program
  • Science and Maths classes
  • Khmer Numeracy and Literacy classes
  • A free breakfast program
  • Community meals for the frail and elderly
  • Free medical and dental treatment
  • Vocational/tertiary training
  • Establishing Micro-loans/businesses
  • Improved health and agricultural practices
  • Clean water projects
  • Community development projects
  • Family, student and community support

We only hire Cambodian staff to work on our projects and in doing so, support the local community and economy.


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