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A. Volunteer

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become more than a tourist. You become part of a community, living and working beside local people, which helps you develop, first hand, a deeper understanding of the day-to-day life of villagers in rural Cambodia. Volunteering provides an opportunity for you to give something back to the community, to lend a helping hand in kindness and friendship.

Volunteering can make a difference to the lives of people you work alongside and allows you to make a worthy contribution to people who, with so few material resources, are endeavouring to move out of the cycle of poverty.

Volunteering can be a life changing experience.

Why Volunteer with us?

Volunteers are the backbone of Singing Kites. Without them most of the work we do would not be possible.

There are many benefits to volunteering with us. You can expect to feel a positive impact by supporting the projects we are involved in, working alongside rural Cambodian people in need. You will be an important part of the Singing Kites team, which is endeavouring to make changes to the lives of rural Cambodian children today for Cambodian children tomorrow.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Singing Kites community’s needs are many and varied and we welcome volunteers with skills and expertise in a wide range of areas.

If you are a native or near native speaker of English, you will be able to support teachers and students in any of our English Language, Art, Music, Sport, Library, Computer and Pre-School Programs. Your help in improving general pronunciation, conversation, communicative, reading and listening skills with both teachers and students will be invaluable.

If you are a trained teacher, you will be able to assist teachers in the classroom as a way of sharing your skills.

If you have other practical skills, not necessarily education-related, that you think could contribute to the program, please include these on your Volunteer Application Form and we will discuss your unique contribution to the program more fully with you.

We welcome the opportunity to build skills into our programs, which will help make a lasting difference to the lives of seriously disadvantaged people.

Please note as a volunteer you are responsible for your own return transport from your home country to Cambodia and to the Tanop Community Education Centre. In keeping with our Child Protection policy, you will be required to fill in a VOLUNTEER’S application form and meet certain criteria before being accepted.

It should also be noted that the Volunteer will be asked to a pay a small daily contribution towards covering the cost of their stay with us.

For further details please access the link below:

* Requirements for Volunteers

Requirements for Volunteers

B. Join the “Singing Kites Club 100”

This is an invitation for 100 people to donate $30 AUD per month so that we can cover our running costs and are able to focus our fundraising events on raising funds to continue to change lives by sponsoring more students to attend University, extra tutoring for our brightest students, the all important development of our teachers by implementing more teacher training programs, implementing clean water projects, and supporting our dental and medical health care projects.

We would love to reach our target of 100 team members, and be assured our work in these fields can continue.

If you can help us, please click here for further information.

C. Help us fundraise

Fundraising, in a big way or a small way, is our life-line! It is a significant source of our income.

The more people who help raise funds for Singing Kites projects, the more we are able to work, grow and develop our community.

Small fundraising groups can spring up anywhere and make such a difference to the work we do at Singing Kites.

Your time, ideas and efforts are tremendous gifts to us.

Further information about fundraising is available by contacting:

Lyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

D. Make a donation

Help us to help others, by giving a donation to enable us to continue to help change lives.

Without the generosity and support of donors, we would not be able to do what we do.

Further information about Donating is available through the link “DONATE

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