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Tanop Community Education Centre

EDUCATION more than any other factor, can provide hope, opportunity, improved health education and the opportunities to secure a better future for people caught up in the cycle of poverty.

In 2008 11 local village builders, built the Tanop Community Education Centre (TCEC).

Today 1600 children from 32 villages attend the TCEC daily. They are part of rotating classes, held from 1pm to 7.30 pm , six days a week. They study English, Khmer numeracy and literacy, mathmatics, physics and chemistry , art, health education and computer skills. We co-operate with the local public schools seeing ourselves as an important support system for the childrens’ holistic education. Our role is imperative, as generally sub-standard material, conditions, poor teaching standards and the inability to pay fees, affect the learning opportunities of many children.

Little ones from 3 to 6 years of age can join our pre-school program in the mornings. They take part in a fun program of free play, learning Khmer, English, art, singing, hygiene, and learning to be respectful and well mannered. We believe this is a wonderful way to start their academic journey.

These pre-school children receive a nutritious breakfast each day.

The Breakfast Program

We have realized that many of our children were coming to school without any food to eat. Feeding over 1600 children was for us an impossible task. So we decided that the most important group to help was the pre-school group, as they were at the most crucial growth stage.

We employed a local village lady as our cook, and each day now, we supply up to 50 children with a nutritious breakfast.

Improved Health Practices

In Cambodia a health problem can spell disaster for a poor family. Already struggling to feed the family, a trip to the doctor, the need for medicines, or a time spent in hospital, can mean a lifetime of debt for the family.

We aim to improve the health and well being of our children and their families by offering health education, identifying health problems and working in with already established and respected dental and medical clinics.

The Singing Kites Dental Project

With a shared passion to improve the lives of Cambodian children through better oral health and dental treatment, Singing Kites is partnering with two Dental Clinics, Cambodia World Family (Phnom Penh) and the Oral Experts Group (Toowoomba) to establish a free Dental Clinic at our school (TCEC).

We very much look forward to a long partnership with both Clinics, and greatly appreciate their very generous support and involvement in the the "Smile Clinic's" establishment and management direction.

We would be very appreciative of any offers of new or used dental equipment, treatment materials or volunteer time by people who are dental professionals.

For further information please contact the Dental Project Manager Dr Chris Quinn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Find Cambodia World family Free Dental Clinic at: http://www.cambodiaworldfamily.com/index.php/en/
Find Oral Experts Group at: http://www.oralexpertsgroup.com.au/
Follow SMILE DENTAL CAMBODIA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smiledental.singingkites.1


We see the importance of micro-businesses as a vital role in empowering people to help themselves, ensuring our local, rural community's sustainability. It is a seedbed of creative ideas, inventions and employment, which gives vulnerable people access to resources ,enabling them to take control of their lives and make changes necessary to break free from poverty.

Most of our businesses are set up by donations. Repayments can take the form of setting another family up with kind, or by repaying the loan in a monetary sense.

Projects established to date:

  • the duck project
  • a school food stall
  • a tuk tuk project
  • a bicycle repair shop

Agricultural Practices

Various projects to improve agricultural practices, and to establish new projects relevant to the farming Community.

eg  aquaculture, vegetable growing, animal husbandry etc


The University Student Scholarship Program

Education, more than any other factor, can provide hope, opportunities and job security to future generations of Cambodian children. Rural children are disadvantaged, as they very often don’t have the opportunities afforded to those who live in the cities. Cambodia needs leaders and those young people living in rural areas, need the opportunity to be empowered and have a voice.

Each June we seek support for some of our students to attend University or to receive vocational training in Phnom Penh.

We see this as an extremely important aspect of out project work. In this way we are building up and enriching the skills within the community and offering opportunities to people, to secure their future away from poverty.

$1200 AUD per annum covers the cost of a student’s complete support.

  • university fees
  • accommodation
  • food and drinking water
  • clothing
  • extra English classes
  • Educational materials and associated expenses
  • a bicycle

Criteria for selecting students

  • They need to have passed Year 12, and received their Secondary School graduation certificate.
  • They have to be from extremely poor families who are unable to further their studies without financial support.
  • They are required to have a goal, determination and dedication to commit to study.

In 2014 we have students attending Universities in Phnom Penh studying IT, Engineering, Media, Fine Arts, Business Management, Teaching and being trained as Dental assistants.

Our first student graduated from IT in July 2013 and has returned to the school to run our IT program there.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be involved in this very worthwhile program. The more sponsors we have, the more students we can offer study opportunities to.

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