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Our eight supported university students continue to make us proud with their achievements and their attitude towards their study.

Rany Chann and Lyda Sann have completed their English teaching degree and are now in their third year of Dental Nursing. They attend university each day during the week, and come down at the weekends with our Cambodian dentist Dr Boran Soeung and open our Dental Clinic and provide free treatment to the community.

Luch Tab and Chanthan Ton are in their last year of IT/ Media studies, and Sreyla Tab and Try Suy are in their second last year of a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree.

We have begun interviews for two students to receive tertiary education support in the new university year, beginning in November 2019. All our supported university students have just sat for their end of university year final exams.

Our two supported students doing Bio Engineering will start semester 1 of their fourth and final year after their university holidays and are doing vacation internships with two companies in Phnom Penh. Raksmey Mark with NAPHRI (the National Animal Production and Health Research Institute) where he is working on detecting strains of salmonella in fresh water fish. Daraya Piset is doing her internship at Signatures of Asia and is working on making a film from the starch in potatoes to cover the surface of sugar to prevent the growth of yeast and mold that contaminates dried fruit.

We held our second Singing Kites Alumni Dinner at Khmer Surin in March and it was so wonderful to have time and enjoy a meal with our past supported students who are now fully employed in a variety of employment faculties ranging from IT, Journalism, different faculties of Engineering, Teaching, Fine Arts, Dentistry, Nursing, Business Management, and Architecture. Encouragingly, those with younger siblings, are supporting their education and offering financial support to their families.

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