Celebrating 10yrs

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Celebrating 10 years of changing lives

On 7th February this year, TCEC had it’s 10th birthday!

It has been such a wonderful 10 years and we should congratulate our loyal, dedicated and wonderful staff who have been with us over this time. We could not do it without you!

In 2008 we wanted to fulfil the dream of a young village man who wanted just one thing, to take education back to his village, so that village children in rural Cambodia had the same opportunities as the city children had.

With the support of many generous donors and hard working supporters, we raised the money, and in 2008, 11 local, village builders were able to begin to build our school in Tanop Village.

We opened the school ten years ago… and what a great day that was! Today, together as a team, we feel we run a “great ship”…where 13 local village teachers work hard to help educate 1600 village children.

It could not have happened without the support of all those many, many generous people who have contributed in so many different ways. So many of you have shared our journey… and have seen the results of the support you have given us. To each of you, our deepest gratitude.

Ten years later… many dreams have come to fruition… and lives have been changed. Thank you so much to our wonderful, loyal and dedicated staff! You will never… ever be forgotten!

Singing Kites Student progress
Student Daraya Piset, from primary school to University thanks to Singing Kites

Our Gold Coast 10th Birthday Celebration

Another of June Moro and her teams incredibly special “Lunches for Learning” at the Gold Coast in celebration of Singing Kites 10th birthday! 120 people attended at the ‘Jasmine Room’… a room with a beautiful view and superb food!

Our deepest gratitude to June, her MC Leonie Howard, her special GC Singing Kites team, the auctioneer who did a fabulous job of auctioning auction items… and last, but certainly not least to every single person who attended… and by doing so, helped us continue our work of enabling our rural children to access a university education to help move themselves and their families away from the cycle of poverty.

Thank you all!

The cake was such a treat to behold, and to taste!
Our MC. Leonie Howard
Our MC. Leonie Howard
Supporters at the Gold Coast 10yr Celebration

TCEC Birthday Celebration

We plan a weekend of celebration on the 29 and 30 November and the 1 December 2019. Lots of activities are being planned to celebrate a wonderful milestone with the people who have made our journey possible; the local village people, the staff and students of TCEC and our supporters who are able to make it over to share this time with us. Much is planned and I know we will have news about this occasion to share with you in our next newsletter.

Flashback from Lyn

This special photo is one of many I draw on when energy levels feel a bit low! It was taken on one of the most memorable day in my life. We had arrived at the school and we were seeing it for the very first time!

The embrace of this young lady, who had dropped out of school after grade 7 and had been working long hours as a weaver under the family house to support her parents, were tears of gratitude for all those who had raised the money to build a school in her village.

This young lady Channa Tek, is now our wonderful Pre-school Director, and is one of our truly remarkable stories.

Lyn Hotchin and Channa Tek at Singing Kites opening in 2011

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