Improving oral health

With a passion to improve the lives of Cambodian children through better oral health and dental treatment, Singing Kites has partnered with Oral Experts Group (Toowoomba) and Cambodia World Family (Phnom Penh) to establish ‘Smile Dental Clinic’, a free Dental Clinic at our school (TCEC).

Dental Clinic

Our joint aim is to improve the lives of Cambodian children and their families through better oral health. We provide free treatment to relieve suffering and greatly improve health issues.

Our modern, clean and well-equipped clinic in Tanop Village (Takeo province) has two dental chairs staffed by our two qualified Khmer dental therapists, a visiting Khmer dentist and volunteers. We see children each morning and do the usual range of pedodontics including surgery, endodontics and preventative care under proper qualified dental supervision.

We recruit, train and employ local Cambodian staff giving these people the opportunity to train and gain employment in an area that benefits their community.

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