Help Cambodian village people build a foundation of change to move away from intergenerational poverty. Donations are tax deductible.

Primary/Secondary student support

This will help a rural child from disadvantaged background access tuition to attend school and provide them with essential school supplies.

University student support

Each August we seek support for some of our students to attend University or to receive vocational training in Phnom Penh.

We see this as an extremely important aspect of out project work. In this way we are building up and enriching the skills within the community and offering opportunities to people, to secure their future away from poverty.

$1200 AUD per annum covers the cost of a student’s support.

  • University fees
  • accommodation
  • utilities
  • food and drinking water
  • clothing
  • educational materials and associated expenses
  • a bicycle for transportation

School sponsorship

Help make a difference today, for Cambodian Children tomorrow.

Join the “Singing Kites 300 Appeal” and become an important school sponsor and team member. Help us finance our running costs. It only takes a $30 AUD contribution a month from 300 people to do this!

Be part of offering free educational opportunity through English classes, Khmer numeracy and literacy programs, science and maths tuition, creative arts programs, traditional music programs a preschool program, a breakfast program and supporting a teacher’s wage.

In our efforts to provide secure financial support for our education centre, we have implemented this scheme which we hope will sustain our ongoing financial commitment while we work towards complete sustainability.

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