Our Dental Clinic is in demand

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Our Dental Clinic has been open each weekend and our two trainee dental nurses from the village, Lyda Sann and Rany Chann manage that in conjunction with the Clinic Director Dr Boran Seung, a qualified Cambodian dentist who has his own clinic in Phnom Penh, working there and at Cambodia World Family Dental Clinic (CWF) during the week.

Lyda and Rany have trained at CWF over the past four years so have gained much practical experience while studying a bachelor degree in English Literature at Build Bright University in Phnom Penh. In September 2017 they began a 4 year degree in Dental Nursing at the International University of Phnom Penh.

We are very happy with the number of people who have felt comfortable in coming to our clinic and seeking treatment. Nearly all have had dental problems resulting in health issues. Good dental health is essential for general health and well being.

When the girls graduate from their course, we will open the clinic during the week.


We have seen 460 patients:

  • 240 adult villagers
  • 220 children

Have completed:

  • 710 fillings
  • 301 extractions
  • 200 protective sealant treatments
  • 70 root canal treatments
  • 80 cleaning treatments                          
  • Made 1 denture

We have also provided dental hygiene education to our students.

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