Our school ‘bus’ runs again!

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Sadly in March our faithful “school bus”  reached the end of the road!

Every day for the last five years it had faithfully picked up over a hundred children from Ampel and Sdao Em villages, who have been unable to get to school any other way. We have always returned them home again safely when their classes  finished.

As those who have volunteered with us know, the road conditions to these villages are harsh to the extreme. But  through rain and shine once arriving at school, these children rush to class each day and are as eager to learn, as any students we have known.

We couldn’t afford a new truck, but decided we would  repair this one so we could continue with this journey and be there for these children.

We needed to raise $2000 USD, which is about $2700 AUD to “bring it up to scratch”!

We made a public appeal for funding, and were overjoyed at the response. Our target was met and our “bus” is now back on the road  continuing it’s journey each day. 

We are deeply grateful to all those who have helped us  put our “bus” back on the road. again.

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