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After four years of study, three of our supported university students graduated in August and have already secured wonderful jobs.

Phearak Soeung, graduated with a degree in Media Studies and is a journalist working for Radio France Internationale, a French public radio service that broadcasts in Paris and all over the world to 35.6 million listeners.

Ponlork Sie, graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and works for Khmer Beverages an international award winning brewery in Phnom Penh,

Leng Sok, works as an architect at Vispan architectural firm which is one of the most prestigious architecture firms in Cambodia .

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all our students ……. and feel a great sense of pride that we are helping to ensure that the next generation of Cambodians will contribute greatly to their country’s future.

We have been able to support another three new university students , which brings the total of current supported students to ten. We are looking to fill the last places with two new dental technician trainees.

Raksmey takes top marks!

Raksmey Mark,one of our  supported university students who attends the Royal University of Phnom Penh, won the award for top first year Bio Engineering student (out of 600 students) in 2017.

Our new university students

TRY SUEY – From Tanop Village. One of 5 children. He is studying a Bachelor of Agriculture (a 4 year degree) at the Royal University of Agriculture in  Phnom Penh . He eventually hopes to work for the Government in the Department of Agriculture.

SREYLA TAB – From Tanop Village. Sreyla is one of 4 children. She too is studying a Bachelor of Agriculture at the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh and eventually hopes to work for the Government in the  Department of Agriculture.

NOCH PICH – From Tanop Village. youngest of six siblings. Noch is studying a Bachelor of Khmer Literacy (4 years) and will eventually become a secondary school teacher teaching Khmer Literacy.

We are deeply grateful to all those very generous people who have chosen to sponsor one of our graduated students. The students know who their sponsors are and appreciate greatly, that they have been given this opportunity to study hard and improve their lives and those of their families.

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