We welcome three new staff members

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We have the most wonderful staff, and we can’t speak highly enough of them and the support and dedication they give us. They are our strength and the soul of our school. They make a large and very positive difference to the success of an organization such as ours, and they deserve our deepest gratitude.

VIRAK CHOEUN lives in Tanop Village. He was one of our first students when we opened. He has been a very dedicated student over the years and is studying Law at university in Phnom Penh at weekends. He is teaching English at our school during the week, and has taken on a very responsible role of leadership in our school’s new future plans.

SOKHUN CHENG lives in Tanop Village. He has come to us as an English teacher, and is such a conscientious, dedicated teacher. Sokhun is a devoted family man with one little daughter Ryha who attends our preschool.

CHANTHAN TEK lives in Tror Paingyoung Village. He was the receiver of our first micro-loan in 2009, purchasing a tuk tuk. He has been working as a tuk tuk driver in Phnom Penh for eight years. When we were in need of a driver for the “school bus” recently, he decided he would apply for the job. He is excellent in that position and he has a great natural knowledge of engines and vehicle care.

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