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As you know we are now our own entity and ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for profit Commission) accredited/registered NGO.

As we have said before, having our own NGO status not only benefits us as an organisation, but also benefits our donors and the community we work with. It won’t affect the day to day running of the school, the project, or the volunteer program. Life goes on for us here in the same way, but our new status will enable us to set the project on a sustainable pathway, with the eventual goal of handing the responsibility of running the project over to the Tanop community in 6 to 8 years.

In the end this is what every organization hopes to aim for, because in the end, community responsibilty for a project fosters a strong feeling of community ownership, and with this feeling comes a much better guarantee of success for everyone concerned.

In saying this we are asking that people please continue to support us financially while the wheels towards sustainability slowly turn! Without support, we cannot continue along this new path with any success.

Our first sustainability project is the trialling of a poultry farming project. So far it has been a resounding success. We hope to raise organic meat chickens to sell to restaurants in Phnom Penh and for sale to the local trade.

Chickens are selling at $4USD a kg in Cambodia, and over time we hope our success continues so that we are eventually turning over a few hundred head a month.

We have put down two ponds to secure a permanent water supply, built the first poultry shed complete with an incubator, roosting sections and a place to rear young chickens under lights. We employ two local, village men as “chicken shepherds”, to look after the health of the poultry and protect them from predators as they free range during the day. Sam Oeun is in charge of the farming operations.

It is early days yet, but we hope our success to date continues, and we avoid many of the challenges faced raising poultry in Cambodia.

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