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I want to extend the deep gratitude we feel to all those who make the difference in us being able to continue what we started over 8 years ago.

People’s contributions support our staff wages, support our university students, fund our breakfast program, pay for the running of the “school bus”… all in the name of helping educate the next generation of disadvantaged, Cambodian rural children. Those wonderful children who would not have a strong voice, to become leaders of tomorrow.

Every aspect of our running costs, need to be covered. Costs rise, disparity in the AUD/USD  mean at times we struggle to find the funding. We feel commited and compelled to find ways to continue what we started almost 9 years ago. We keep costs as low as we can, but there is always more that needs to be done to alleviate poverty in our community. It’s hard being there to witness things that, in our world,would not be allowed to happen. These stories are compelling and are what keeps us going.

Again, I repeat my gratitude with great sincerity. There are too many to thank individually. Those who have funded new water tanks, funded the breakfast program, supported staff wages , supported university students, helped with the cost of infrastructure improvements, fundraised for us, supported those who fundraise too, those who fund our dental clinic and importantly help and support me personally, so that I can continue to do everything I can, to keep our wheels of change turning. I feel deeply grateful.

I promise every person reading this article that we continue to made a difference in our rural communities with your help; and my dearest wish is that we can continue to empower the people there into the years ahead.

Kind regards,

Lyn Hotchin

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