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Our dental clinic continues to open at weekends while our trainee dental nurses complete their degrees in Dental Nursing. Our Khmer dentist Dr Boran Soeung goes down with the girls and works at our clinic on Saturdays and Sundays.

We are happy that more and more people with urgent dental needs (some from a distance away), are bravely coming to see us. To have a highly competent Khmer dentist overseeing the program is a bonus for us.

During any one month we treat on average 70 patients over the 8 days we open. Ages of patients range from preschool age children to elderly villagers often requiring dental treatment for severe dental decay issues and gum disease.

During any month we see many children and older villagers who live with severe dental issues. As an example, in August our team treated 86 patients who needed a variety of treatments. We did 62 Fillings, 21 Root Canal Treatment, 40 Extractions and 12 Cleans.

SK Dental Clinic Stats 2019

Our school dental education program is still in its early stage and will remain so until Lyda and Rany have graduated from university.

Dr Karuna Khatri from Dental Pearls Dental Clinic in Brisbane very generously donated $4000 AUD towards our need to purchase a portable Xray machine. This has now been purchased and is in full operation in the clinic at the school. We are so grateful for the support we received to purchase this, as we have had to turn away many patients in the past because we have been unable to investigate the severe problems presented in teeth and gums. We can now evaluate oral health with much more surety in these more serious cases, before treatment begins.

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