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The owner of our University rental house in Phnom Penh limits the number of students we can take, to eleven.

We support this number at the moment. Three of our students will graduate over the next two months, as an architect, engineer and journalist. This means at the beginning of the university year in September we will have places for only three more students. This is a work in progress so we can offer more students the opportunity of supported further education.

We are so proud of all our students and are assured that if they are anything to go by, the future of Cambodia is in very good hands!

One of our current students, Phearak Soeung recently took part in “World Press Freedom Day 2017”. He spoke on challenging the media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

We are so grateful to those people who have taken a university student under their wing and support them so that they are able to fulfil their dreams of receiving an effective education.

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